A Social Discovery app that helps you connect with others in your area

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Why US?

  • Are you bored
  • Most of your friends are too busy to hangout
  • Your friends are in a serious relationship
  • Or you are just new to the city

Well if thats the case, then it is time to get social with Let'sGetOut

lets get out

Get Social

LET'SGETOUT is a new friendship app that helps you connect with others in your area
that are simply looking to hangout and do something fun
lets get out

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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, LetsGetOut enables you join the people in your area who would like to get together and participate in an activity.
At its core, LetsGetOut is a friendship application that help you connect with people in your area and then join them for an activity or a fun adventure. LetsGetOut will help you to quickly locate friendly people in your area with whom you share an interest to do something interesting and fun. It also gives you the option to ask others to join you on an activity or an adventure if you wish to host one.
An activity is what you are planning to do when you get together. It could be as simple as getting together to socialise, network or participate in sporting events.
LetsGetOut will use your approximate location to find all the activities that are going on around you. To make it easier for you, every activity will have a short video recording about it. You can quickly browse and view the activities around you and join the ones you like.
Absolutely! If you have something in mind and like to get others to join, you have all the freedom to schedule your own activity on LetsGetOut by becoming a Host. Just pick a date, time and a location for an activity that you have in mind and then record a short video describing what the activity it all about. Then publish your activity on LetsGetOut for others to view and join.
Any member who schedules an activity will be in charge of organising it and therefore considered to be the "Host" of such activity.
Just use your Facebook account to log in. In matter of seconds you will be able to view, attend or schedule an activity.
Anybody can use LetsGetOut as long as they are 18 years old or above.
LetsGetOut is 100% free to use! No membership fees or payments required.
LetsGetOut is designed for people to get together in places which are intended to be accessible to public. Private places like homes must not be used to organise an activity. It is also important to stay safe while enjoying any activity. As we do not monitor any of the activities, you have to use your own judgement to travel and attend or schedule any activity. Make sure to read our terms of service agreement for all the information on how to use and benefit from LetsGetOut.
Please contact us directly for any support or questions by visiting our contact page. We are more than happy to help :)

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